About 'days'

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There are at least three reasons to lay these days down.

First, most innocently, you know how little kids do something like jump in the air and clap, and ask you to watch while they do it? I'm doing the same thing; I've discovered something lovely and want you to know about it. I appreciate your audience as it makes me do a better job. Each year, as I look back at these I see my travels as more simple, and the days evolving. I hope you do too.

Laying out the benefits of travel, for both of us, is another reason for these essays. Travel has always given me more options on how to live when I get home. Like reading, it increases the range of ways to live. And after all, there is no difference between a man that does not travel and one that cannot (or a man that does not read and one that cannot), so by jotting these days down I hope you benefit without the hassle. I hope we have more choices.

Third, and least innocently, I want to encourage by example. Please, travel; please, get stupid; please, get out of your skin from time to time. Get lost, talk with strangers, and keep your shit together. I've tried to be acurate and truthful in these essays. But, unfortunately I rarely write about my crimes or my loves. Though it would make more interesting reading, I prefer my accusers confused.

In any case, I hope you find them fun and useful. They're meant to be both.